SERO产品应用系列:SEOR 产品在齿轮箱中的应用


The gearbox is a kind of power transmission equipment, which can convert the motor speed to the speed needed by the equipment operation, and can change the torque. Its application is very wide, from large power transmission, to small load, high precision Angle transmission, widely used in the transmission system of mechanical equipment.


Generally speaking, the requirements of gear box for bearing are as follows:

- High reliability and security

- High carrying capacity and small size

-- High precision guidance

- Low friction, high temperature resistance and low wear

- Simple installation and appropriate maintenance cycle

-- High applicability and cost-benefit ratio

SEOR provides a full range of bearings for use in gearboxes, such as:

- Spherical roller bearings

- Angular contact ball bearings

- Cylindrical roller bearings

Tapered roller bearing

-- Deep groove ball bearings

SEOR Case Sharing - Products and technical services for a major UK railway company:

Related applications:

- Railway engine axle drive gear box

Customer problems:

- Frequent damage to gearbox bearings

- Bearing supply bottleneck

SEOR's mission:

- Improve bearing performance

- Optimize supply efficiency

- Reduce overall cost

SEOR Solutions:

- Reduce bearing tolerance

-- Consignment inventory → 100% supply reliability

- Long-term sales contract → save cost and optimize logistics

Improved results:

-- No bearing related gearbox damage occurred in more than four years

- Replace all SEOR bearings

-- There are no longer logistics problems